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Online Calculator


Use this online calculator to determine the tangible savings Beck & Call Services can bring to your life!

A few recommendations:

  1. Calculate the hourly wage equivalent of your annual salary.
  2. Determine how much you spend hourly on childcare before/after work when you run errands, doing returns (or what you don't return!), time paying bills (or late fees/interest!)
  3. Estimate the cost of your commuting: wear and tear on your car, the physical and mental stress, added childcare costs, gasoline.
  4. Add each of the above figures together to determine a rough estimate of how much your time is worth.

Additional considerations: While we anticipate that Beck and Call’s hourly rates are far less than the above calculations, ask yourself also what else you could do with your time?

Would you:

  • Attend your child’s sporting events or after school programs?
  • Volunteer in your community?
  • Organize a much needed vacation?
  • Shift your focus from the “required” errands and tasks to spending quality time in person or on the phone with friends or family?
  • Enjoy a several hour period of complete relaxation- reading a book, taking a bath, exercising, or watching television?

Whatever your reason, we’re sure you can calculate how Beck & Call Services is value added to your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions about how we can be of service and save you "time and money!"

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